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Hey friends! 

I wish to say hi to all of you who are reading my blog. I will start to do it more regularly. Not that I have so much to say, but I love to share my thoughts and my daily work.

I am proudly announcing that my project “Wine” is in its final stages. I feel so blessed that after so many days of overthinking and brainstorming, you will finally be able to get one of the super limited editions of 24 pieces per series. I have a total of 24 bottles for you, and some I have spared for my most loyal customers as a reward for their support.

I am super excited, and I truly believe that this will add some value to my journey and my story as a photographer. 

You should spoil your people with quality and offer something rare and unique.

Wine is made with love by my family, and I am so happy that they will help me with their love for the grapes and tradition. This sort of wine is called Rumeni Muškat and it is not a native Slovenian sort; its origins are in south-west Asia. It is a very aromatic and sweet wine, with a golden color.

It’s locally made in the Styria region (Prlekija), and this is the place where you can find amazing wine and the most incredible people. 

The bottle will be covered in amazing labels made just for me! There will be no other series of its wine, not in my shop nor in other shops. Uniqueness. 

Pre-order will be open very soon so stay tuned!

Feel free to ask me anything, and of course, I hope you will see the value in my work and my journey!

Have a nice week!


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