A Day from ZOO

A Day from ZOO

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In August I have free time and I did not know what to do with myself. I was bored, so I have decided to drive to the Slovenske Konjice. This is like 20 min car drive from my hometown of Maribor (Slovenia). 

There is a lovely small ZOO called Minizoo Land. Highly recommended if you have children. It’s very well built and there are a lot of attractions and such a variety of animals.

You can hang out with a kangaroos, lions, lemurs, flamingos, monkeys, parrots, owls, etc.

I know you all want to hear a lions growl! I heard it when I was standing like 2 meters away from him and it was really incredible and at the same time scary experience! I am happy that fence was between us because I will probably wet myself (you know what I mean). 

Just look at him! SUCH a powerful animal! The true KING!

I am also a Lion in my zodiac sign and my surname is King so I am Lion King as well! Finally I met my “buddies” in real life! We felt instant connection. I just cant describe how powerful and energetic this confrontation was! Maybe He just saying “Hi!” I need to learn Lion language on Duolingo if there is any option.

I am a huge fan of Flamingos, Lemurs and Raccoons!! could be in their company like forever!!

Never had a chance to pet one of them but here you can actually do it!

I was hanging around with lemurs and pet them and feed them with vegetables I was in their cage! I almost cried! Such a vulnerable creatures with such a funny behaviour. They were really soft when I touch them. I was like giant to them and they trust me instantly you cannot get this reaction with humans you just can’t!

There was a lot of interest for seeing flamingos by the all visitors in the ZOO. They are such an incredible colorised animals and very exotic animals to our area here in Slovenia. You cannot see them anywhere near this place. I study them for a lot of time. They are so funny on their super thin legs which looks like straws. Colour of the feathers are incredible and I cannot imagine that mother earth can be so playful. 

In Minizoo Land you can find a lot of birds and domestic animals as well!

I often see goats and pigs which was my favourite animals when I was a kid. They have very cute noses haha. But I was more interested in birds and parrots. Specially Macaw and Aras parrots. You also can feed parrots and be very close to them. However, they started yell at you special of you don’t bring them the particular fruit they wish to get. It was so funny.

After some hours of hanging around my arms started to hurt and my stomach started to growl as well I have decided to end my visit and going home. It just felt so great and I wish to be there much more time but I criss crossed the whole ZOO and I captured a lot of good images. I will go there again definitly because its such an amazing place to be. 

Here you can see some additional shots of the animals I have hanged around with. 


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