Hi there I'm


Aphotographer from small a country of Slovenia, in love with in animals, landscapes, sport and art. I just started my photography career in late 2013, when I bought my first “camera” (iPod touch). When I started my journey, photo camera was like Star Wars technology to me. I am quick learner and I learned a lot on my own and with help of books and Youtube. Since then I started exploring the world with my best friend Nikon. Now I own quite an arsenal of equipment and I have lots of experiences and projects in my portfoliey, It makes me proud that I can say I have been exhibited 15+ times across Europe and my pieces were sold to 15 countries across the World. With all enthusiasm I can say that I became SIGMA ambassador which is really huge for me! Lately I fell in love with drone photography and videography. I just love to show you my world and what makes me happy!