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OFFICIAL KRALJ WINE 1024 768 jure kralj

OFFICIAL KRALJ WINE Hey friends!  I wish to say hi to all of you who are reading my blog. I will start to do it more regularly. Not that I have so much to say, but I love to share…

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SIGMA 135 mm Art

SIGMA 135 mm Art 1024 683 jure kralj

Sigma 135 mm Art f1.8 hey pixel peeps!  As a photographer, you always want to explore your vision and your field of photography. From the beginning, I always wanted to shoot landscapes and street photography (this was actually in my…

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POSTCARDS PTUJ 1000 721 jure kralj

Postcards of ptuj Oh, here’s the day I have been working on for some time! I finally managed to create new postcards of the oldest Slovenian city – Ptuj. It’s really a great feeling! When you can finally take your…

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A DAY FROM ZOO 1024 843 jure kralj

I just LOVE ANIMALS! In August I have free time and I did not know what to do with myself. I was bored, so I have decided to drive to the Slovenske Konjice. This is like 20 min car drive…

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PHOTO RESTORATION 1024 527 jure kralj

PHOTO RESTORATION – PHOTOSHOP EDIT Hey friends! It’s time I did something and said something I had to say! I am not particularly skilled at words, especially in the English language. But I need to improve for sure. This is…

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