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Postcards of ptuj

Oh, here’s the day I have been working on for some time! I finally managed to create new postcards of the oldest Slovenian city – Ptuj.

It’s really a great feeling! When you can finally take your product in hand and say: I am proud of myself!.

I have traveled to Ptuj so many times, so many times in the early morning to experience these incredible conditions when the city was shrouded in fog and wrapped in the sunrise.

Yesterday was a great day for me, as I found my first two hundred postcards on the shelves of the souvenir stores. I spent the whole day walking around and showing my work to the local stores, hotels and info points. The people I have talked to have given me such great feedback on my work and my postcards. I think this is just the beginning of a very good sales season.

Unfortunately, the supply of postcards from other people and companies has been very sparse. This is very good for me, because the less competition, the better for me!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and be with you soon!

Feel free to check out some of my work in the gallery.

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